A DDR pad takes a lot of abuse and micro switches can break. I’d recommend using a universe or HMS pad, or maybe the madcatz beatpad if they’re cheap. Instead of using 1 x 2 rails underneath the pad, use 1 x 3 rails throughout the whole pad, or just add more rails underneath all of the nine panels. It’s pretty much what you prefer, what’s available, and what you can afford. The staples should be about 2 inches apart. While I would turn my usb control box’s board over, it’s unfortunately glued itself to the plastic of the box, and the circuit board was weak to begin with so I didn’t want to break it prying it off.

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Below the monitor are two sets of buttons one for each playereach consisting of two triangular selection buttons four on X and white cabinets and a center rectangular button, used ;ad to confirm a selection or start the game.

The DDR homepad building and softpad modding thread! (HUGE TOPIC)

I also use the same pins to secure the underside of the borders. Just find a graphic and sandwich it between dane two pieces of lucite. A localized version of the game for North America was announced the month after with tests held at an arcade in Southern California alongside Dance Dance Revolution X.

You might even be able to scrape it off with a fingernail.

Dance Dance Revolution ( video game) – Wikipedia

Where can I bemanni the designs for a DDR dance pad? The game also adds the infamous “flashing 10” foot for songs that are considered too hard to be rated normally and only exists in several songs. I had difficulty wording the next steps to include the changes, so it might be a bit confusing.


Bemank built this pad because the soft pad that I bought my daughter for her birthday stopped working after the first day.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2. Unlocked characters can play all nonstop modes, Nonstop orders can dnace turned into Oni orders and a ‘diet’ mode is available. If a player accumulates too many Boos or Misses, and the Dance Gauge becomes empty, the song fails and the game ends.

It features a one-on-one matching system. In comparison to models that had been exhibited before release, the new cabinets featured different lighting and sound systems, the inclusion of USB ports rather than SD cards as had been previously announced, and a monitor experiencing large amounts of lag.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is possible to twist the ends of all your ground wires together and solder them in a group, but this may strain the board or pull the contact off entirely, making it almost impossible to solder to.

New characters include Bonnie, Zero and the first arcade appearance of PiX. Notice the 45 degree triangles that have been snipped off the corners of the sheet metal so it does not overlap in the corner after you bend it over See Step You will have to drill holes through the lucite and peg board and into the MDF rails.

If the screws you use stick up too much, use glue on the base panel and only screw the plate into the step panel. Prior to the release of Dance Dance Revolutionsome games offer additional modes, such as Course mode players must play a set of songs back-to-back and Battle mode two players compete with a tug-of-war life bar by sending distracting modifiers to each other.


Konami issued an in-game thank you to the fans of Dance Dance Revolution and announced a rejuvenation of the entire series, but did not go into details. Stationary Panels – Tools Required: Prior to the release of this code DDR fan groups who had read the contents of the game disc and noticed the song believed its absence to be a last minute change or a glitch. List of Dance Dance Revolution Solo video games. Views Read Dwnce View history.

On to the switch panels. Dance Dance Revolution X. This will keep your feet from getting caught on the pda where the two pieces overlap. Cut a 33″ x 33″ slab of plywood.

I soldered the arrows to the x, o, triangle, and square, which proved to work better also for the computer. I used 1 inch black drywall phillips screws that fit perfectly in the peg board holes.

After the Lucite has been cut to fit, round off the top edges of all the top pieces with a utility knife by holding it perpendicular to the edge, at a 45 degree angle. SuperNova 2 and X allowed players to play any song for Encore Extra Stage, but X2 went back to the original predetermined songs, though the players are still able to change the modifiers. Music of Dance Dance Revolution X.